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To “Save the Environment”, Environmental Activist Are Willing to Destroy Precious Australian Land

Dear Editor:

Back in the 60’s and early 70’s, when I was in Jr. High and High School, I developed a fascination with all things Australian. I read every book about Australia that I could get my hands on (mostly set in the Outback, of course) and dreamed of someday visiting the “Land Down Under”.

As a young adult I discovered the mysteries of Ngaio Marsh (the Aussie/New Zealand equivalent of Agatha Christie) and then later the books of Nevil Shute, one of the best authors I have ever read, most of whose works were set in Australia. Since his books were out of print, I really had to search, but I do believe I was able to find and read almost his entire body of work. Of course, over the years, my fascination has dimmed somewhat, but I do still have a visit to Australia on my bucket list.

This morning, I watched a YouTube video entitled "Proposed Renewable Energy Projects Across Queensland." (Queensland is Australia's most northern state). In 11 minutes, the maker of the video took me on a tour of Queensland showing the location and size of the proposed wind farms which, when completed, will comprise approximately 4,000 massive turbines on some of its most biodiverse and beautiful and untouched mountain areas.

Of course, it’s not just the turbines themselves - think of all the cabling and the substations - the infrastructure that must be built to construct and service the turbines and deliver the generated “power”. This is just one state in Australia.

Watching this video broke my heart. Please take the time to watch and you will understand why. I wondered as I watched if the politicians and developers there are any more knowledgeable and experienced than the politicians and developers here?

Following the recent public information meeting regarding the air quality permit needed for construction of the power plant off our coast, I sent an email to the Maryland Dept. of the Environment in which I pointed out that the MDE works for the taxpayers of Maryland, not Governor Moore, not President Biden, not the EPA and certainly not for US Wind. I also pointed out that US Wind has no experience in developing offshore wind farms or power plants (we are apparently their first), and asked why the MDE, which, again, works for we, the taxpayers of Maryland, is content to turn our precious coast over to a novice to be used as a guinea pig.

This question should also be asked of Governor Moore. There are so many problems and questions regarding this that need to be addressed. Groups up and down the Atlantic Coast have been asking these questions and pointing out the problems for over a year now. Our entire way of life is in danger, but the powers that be don’t seem to be concerned.

By Carol Frazier

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