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Hunt Valley Restaurant Cancels RWBC Dinner & A Movie

Note: The Baltimore Banner headlined an article “Hunt Valley Restaurant Boots Transphobic Fundraiser” Published 9.30.23

In a recent development, the Baltimore Banner reported on the cancellation of a Republican Women of Baltimore County (RWBC) event event by the Greene Turtle Restaurant in Hunt Valley. The event booked in a private room was slated to feature two documentaries discussing the transgendering of CHILDREN, "Groomed: How They Get Your Kids" and "Damaged: The Transing of American Kids," was called off on the day it was scheduled to take place.

The Republican Women of Baltimore County express their profound disappointment and sadness in response to what they perceive as attacks from fellow Marylanders and specifically Democrats. As a group, RWBC emphasize their commitment to being well-informed about political and cultural movements. For this event, their concern revolves around the focus of the two documentaries, which exclusively delved into the transgender movement among minors. They argue that the Baltimore Banner's coverage of the event sidestepped the subject matter in favor of name-calling, rather than engaging in investigative journalism.

Parallel to our European counterparts, RWBC seeks to gain a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding the concept of transitioning minors. They firmly assert their belief that this phenomenon represents a passing fad, one that carries long-term mental and physically detrimental effects on the young bodies of individuals persuaded to undergo transition. These documentaries highlighted a range of side effects, including infections, incontinence, loss of libido, depression, blood clots, weight gain, suicides, and infertility, all stemming from unproven medical procedures being imposed on our nation's youth.

Norway, Sweeden, UK, France and several states have all greatly limited or outright banned the transitioning of minors. In light of these measures, RWBC advocates for similar regulations in Maryland, asserting that the cognitive development of children and adolescents is insufficiently mature to make life-altering decisions such as gender transition. They question how individuals of such a young age can be considered mature enough to embark on a path of lifelong gender transition when they cannot legally operate a vehicle, consume alcohol, or vote.

The group expresses sympathy for the franchise operation of the Hunt Valley Greene Turtle Restaurant, which they claim was bullied into rejecting RWBC's private screening of the two documentaries by their headquarters in Columbia, Maryland. Regrettably, this decision will result in the loss of hundreds of future dinner sales at the establishment through the RWBC's cancellation of bookings to August 2024.

RWBC takes issue with the Baltimore Banner's promotion of "transphobia" in their headlines, arguing that the newspaper fails to comprehend the implications of the medical procedures being discussed in the documentaries for minors. They accuse their fellow Democrats of underestimating the gravity of what RWBC describes as a form of child abuse involving experimental hormones and surgeries on underage individuals. The Democrat's perspective led to what they term as "bullying" and "cancel culture" tactics.

The Republican Women of Baltimore County conclude by expressing their concerns for the safety of minors who may be exposed to these experimental medical procedures. They express solidarity with parents who take matters into their own hands and choose to disengage from educational and medical professionals who endorse this form of child abuse.

Finally, RWBC affirms its commitment to hosting the "Dinner and A Movie" events on a monthly basis and invites the public to stay informed about their upcoming October movie screening at a new venue.

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