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Holocaust Survivor’s Hope and Inspiration Continues - RWBC Literacy Committee & Rubin’s Story

Rubin Sztajer, was a Holocaust survivor, who made it his life’s mission to bring a message of hope and inspiration to young people everywhere.

For nearly 70 years Rubin spoke of his experiences as a young boy growing up in Poland during World War II and his unimaginable suffering during the Holocaust. Hearing his story told firsthand was tremendously impactful on more than 500,000 students in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. His message was one of hope and encouragement for all who were fortunate enough to hear. However, Rubin’s message is not limited to a single generation but rather can inspire future students to truly believe in their potential to succeed.

After Rubin’s death, his daughter, Helene C. Johnson, collected his many speeches, transcripts, and interviews and honored her father with a book entitled “Rubin’s Story.”

RWBC’s mission is to send a copy of this book to over 100 Maryland schools where Rubin spoke, to continue spreading Rubin’s work. It has been well-received by 31 schools to date. It is our goal to send out 10 books every month, finishing our project by the end of the year.

We tribute this project to past RWBC President and wife of Rubin, Regina Sztajer.

Sarah Burton, Chairman

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