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Free Speech? Heritage Foundation Speaker Will Thibeau / Republican Women of Baltimore County

Will Thibeau who is a policy analyst at The Heritage Foundation spoke to RWBC on March 11, 2023. Will drives policy research and recommendations in Heritage’s war on “Big Tech.” He specializes in antitrust action, data privacy, Big Tech censorship and free speech policies. Will brings a wealth of tech knowledge and expertise from his years at Palantir, where he delivered artificial intelligence and machine learning software to the military. Will a U.S. Army Infantry Officer with the 75th Ranger Regiment deployed multiple times supporting the Global War on Terror.

Key takeaways from his speech? We cannot take free speech for granted anymore and we cannot assume speech is totally free. For example, many people work in places where it is not accepted to talk about politics, the election, US/Foreign Policy and certainly not “what is a woman?”

Stanford University, one of the leading universities in our nation, has recently issued a paper “Elimination of Harmful Language”. Words deemed harmful include basket case, insane, brave, American and many more. See the list for yourself, quite eye opening what these esteemed academicians believe is harmful. Simply put, the list is telling us how to speak, our First Amendment Rights are being violated.

Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter revealed the Federal Government’s involvement with high tech. Basically the social media platforms became agents of the US Government. It is a concern that private companies dictate public discussion, especially those down the street from Stanford University.

How do we affect change? Ask our legislators to push new legislation to clamp down on social media censorship. Heritage Foundation has prepared research and recommendations on how to combat big tech.

RWBC Reporter Karen Tully interviews Will Thibeau Heritage Foundation

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