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Confused About Covid Statistics? Matt McBride Maryland Health Policy Expert Reveals the Fraud

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

According to the Maryland Health Department our hospitals are overflowing, and people can’t find hospital beds. This is not exactly the information Matt McBride is finding from his years working as a consultant with the HHS Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (HHS/ASPR), the federal pandemic response authority, where he advised them on how to prepare US hospitals for the next pandemic - COVID. In fact, Matt revealed that the hospitals are at a normal number of patients but limited in the number of hospital workers. It’s this shortage of hospital workers causing the "number of beds" issue, something that our Maryland Health Department does not want to discuss. During the government’s push to vaccinate all heath care workers, many chose not to jab and therefore quit working in the medical field.

This is an issue throughout the USA, New York City mitigated the problem by claiming an emergency and ordered the National Guard to manage the hospitals. Does anyone think this is a good long term solution?

Republican Women of Baltimore County have tapped into Matt McBride’s expertise by interviewing him several times and recently invited him to our Dinner Theater evening

January 27 to show his slides and demonstrate the fraud.

You can see the whole presentation here on Facebook Live:

Matt McBride was also interviewed in Annapolis by our own RWBC Reporter Karen Tully:

Earlier this year, Matt shared this information:

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