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Classic Standards that Americans Love

By Heather Elizabeth Pielke, Member of the RWBC

I have been thinking as an American about classic standards that Americans love.

1. Individual civil liberties as expressed by our founding forefathers

2. Trustworthiness and dependableness

3. Good economics

4. Pleasant ways to work for a living

5. Good economists and businessmen who plan well for the United States of America so that we the people can work for a living for what is fair and just. We all have dreams of what we would like to have and want real provisions for what we need as well as what we want. We would also like to avoid boredom as Americans and have historically preferred to work for a living for practical reasons

6. A certain amount of vacation time and time to relax

7. Trustworthy politicians

8. Self-defense and military defense

9. Trustworthy military personnel

10. Trustworthy banks

11. Trustworthy technology

12. Trustworthy people in general

13. Social relationships with people that are pleasant, healthy, and not destructive

14. Wisdom from the Bible and good literature

15. Personalities that are pleasant to us

16. The right people in our lives, given who we are as unique human beings

17. God, man who loves us and provides us with good moral standards and hope and who provides for us through miracles are own good works and the good works of others

18. Jesus Christ is God, and he loves us teaches us wisdom and through the provision and worship of him gives us sustaining life, joy, and a reason to live, though some of us find him later in life

The candidate for president who stands for all these things and people for whom I am inclined to vote is President Trump, one of the bravest, most trustworthy, likeable presidents in history. I hope you vote for him too and that God himself will lead him and bless him with success as a president again. Do not forget to vote in the September 2024 election!

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