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What is Operation Lionheart?

Operation Lionheart – Have You Seen the Orange Flyers?

Louise Baker sits down with Kate Sullivan Founder and President of Operation Lionheart. Operation Lionheart aims to deliver medical truth to our communities one parking lot at a time. In this interview, we discuss her grassroots campaign to share clear, concise and accurate medical information about the Covid 19 virus and vaccinations. This group was an inspiration from the Defeat the Mandates Rally in Washington, DC on January 23rd. Using the highly popular alternative social media platform Telegram Kate quickly gathered a team of over 200 participants to start the campaign. Kate always inspires those around her, a true patriot and dedicated conservative with a mission to right wrongs. Enjoy this short interview of this very dynamic individual.

Kate tells you how you can become involved in this especially important campaign.

For more information and how to get the flyer, click on this link:

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