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Unredacted FBI Form Provides Devastating Details of Biden Bribery Scheme!

Take Action to Stop Sending Our Resources to Ukraine

By Associate Member Jim Randisi

US taxpayers send $100 Billion to Ukraine due to “an investment” (aka bribe) of $10 Million paid to the Bidens? Not a bad return on investment for Ukraine.

The US press, Democrat legislators, RINO Republicans and Biden Administration tells us this money goes to protect the Ukraine border, pensions and medical care. Biden has depleted US ammunition levels and will probably send our treasured soldiers to fight in Ukraine soon.

Meanwhile citizens in America are one month away from financial default. Worse yet, millions of illegal aliens storm into our country through the Biden Administration’s open southern border policy.

What can you do to affect change?

Let your voice be heard, tell Congress to make Biden provide substantiation for these investments. Let them know we demand Biden provide the war plan for Ukraine and explain to the American people why he feels these actions to help Ukraine are necessary. Call Speaker McCarthy’s office to demand that funds for Ukraine must be stopped.

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do you remember what Hitler did taking Austria, Czechoslovaki, then Poland….we must stop Russia’s invasion of Ukraine now….or we let Russia continue…..and we find ourselves in a horrible WWIII. History does repeat itself if we don’t pay attention to it.

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