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Three States with Highest Vaccination Rates See Shocking Effects of Vaccine

With all of the know-it-all celebrities, big corporations, and even our own government pushing vaccinations on us with unrelenting force, there is still new information from gathered data and studies that show it’s not as effective against the virus as they were hoping for. In all honesty, the data seems to point more toward the opposite direction and could actually cause more problems than it solves. Some of the latest data shows that in the states where the highest percentage of their residents received the shot and are fully vaccinated, there were the highest increases in COVID cases. The shot isn’t preventing the spread of the illness, but it seems to possibly be doing the opposite. One of the states that has had the best numbers with COVID recently is Texas. It is a more conservative state with a much lower percentage of vaccinated individuals. There have also been many people coming over the border without the vaccine, and yet the number of those sick in Texas has not been greatly increasing, as it has in Maine, Vermont, and New York. Vermont, leading the country with the highest vaccination rate of 71% (fully vaccinated) had a 34% increase rate in COVID cases last week. Maine is another state that has the highest vaccination rate of 68% (fully vaccinated). It also saw a record-high 100% increase rate of COVID cases last week. New York happens to be ranked 8th with a vaccination rate of 62% fully vaccinated. The rate of increase in new cases over the past week reached 43%. It is easy to see what is going on when someone just takes the time to look at those states with the most vaccinated individuals and those with the fewest, and the COVID stats in each of them. My opinion is that this experiment failed and all it has done is cause more people to get the virus. We practically had the thing under control then they pushed and pushed the vaccinations to the point that thousands have died and more have still contracted the virus.

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