The Plane Truth about Vax Tyranny

November 16, 2021

Tony Perkins

What air travel needs right now is more restrictions, said 37 Democratic lawmakers in a letter to President Biden, saying, "as the nation approaches holiday season, we ask that you put in place requirements for airline passengers to provide proof of full vaccination against COVID or a negative test to board a domestic flight." Their call for further travel restrictions doesn't just unhappily coincide with the holiday travel season; they explicitly cite that as a reason to enact the restrictions.

These would-be scrooges should have asked the airlines. Just as retailers and other businesses who survive on December sales begged the Biden administration to postpone the employer vaccine mandate until January, so airlines "have come out months ago and said that they were opposed to" the travel mandate," said Congressman Garret Graves (R-La.).

Businesses live in the real world, where they must respond to market forces if they want to survive. Therefore, they recognize (far more than D.C. politicians) that most Americans who haven't gotten vaccinated don't appear to be changing their minds, regardless of the carrots and sticks the federal government wields.