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Vote Jim Simpson for Delegate Republican, District 11B

“I am running for delegate because I can’t stand what is happening to our state and district! They spend more and more of our tax dollars and accomplish less and less. Crime spirals out of control as a direct result of liberal policies, while they force-feed us a woke agenda and call us names if we object.”

Jim Simpson Interview Here:

No Crime – No Compromise

Over the past few years crime has skyrocketed in every major city in America. The lawlessness engendered by the George Floyd riots was turbocharged first by Democrat mayors and governors unwilling to rein it in, along with the “defund the police” movement and the election of district attorneys unwilling to enforce the law. The massive increase in murder, other violent crime and targeting of police is a direct result of these Democrat policies. Those Democrats willing to promote these policies have blood on their hands. But in Maryland this is nothing new. Baltimore has had an astronomical murder rate for years. This year is no different, with almost 1 murder per day. Baltimore has not had a Republican mayor or city council for ages, so who is to blame?

The Democrats’ soft-on-crime agenda must stop and if elected I will do everything in my power put an end to these insane policies.

No Sanctuaries – No Compromise

Maryland is ground zero for illegal immigration. It was one of the first states to put the needs of illegal aliens before citizens, and forced we taxpayers to pay for it all. Maryland now has one of the largest populations of the deadly MS-13 gangs in the entire country. Now the Biden administration has opened the floodgates to illegals from every nation in the world, including terrorist states. Fentanyl is flooding the border and people are dying at unprecedented rates. Illegal alien crime is off the charts. The damage to our people is incalculable. This insanity must stop! Vote for Jim Simpson. I will fight to restore your rights and end this insanity.

No Indoctrination – No Compromise

Our children are being lied to and misled on a daily basis on social media, TV, movies and most importantly, In public schools. It is an outrage that today’s public school system has largely abandoned its essential role in educating our children, while indoctrinating them to believe lies about their country and themselves. Meanwhile parents are called “domestic terrorists” for simply objecting. At the same time, Maryland public schools are receiving more taxpayer dollars per student than almost any other public school system anywhere else in the U.S. This is outrageous and utterly unacceptable and must be stopped immediately.

With republican majorities in Annapolis we can turn the tide and restore public education to its rightful role.

No Mandates – No Compromise

During COVID, the Hogan administration used mandates to arbitrarily shutter thousands of small businesses in Maryland. It is impossible to know exactly how many businesses closed during the pandemic, because that information isn’t tracked by the state, but estimates are as high as 30,000 or more. And while food and sundry stores were closed, liquor stores and marijuana dispensaries remained open. These policies made absolutely no sense, but more importantly, they represented an outrageous violation of both the state and national constitutions – an involuntary taking of private property without compensation. Thousands of people lost livelihoods they had invested years to build, with absolutely no recourse. This was an outrage on so many levels it is difficult to quantify and accomplished by a GOP governor no less. Now we continue to see vaccine mandates threatening workers with their jobs on the weakest of justifications. The current administration is doing nothing to fight this. I will.

No Taxes – No Compromise

Maryland rates 46 out of 50 as one of the worst states in America for business and personal taxes. It also has some of the highest gas taxes, ($0.427/gal.), exceeded only by Pennsylvania, ($0.576/gal.), California,($0.559/gal.), and Washington ($0.494/gal.). Maryland also indexes gas taxes for inflation, which caused a $0.10 jump this spring thanks to the multi-trillion dollar irresponsible spending spree conducted by President Biden and the Democrats over the past year and a half, and Biden’s shutdown of America’s energy sector just as we had become energy independent. That inflation rate will continue to increase unless those policies are reversed.

People have been fleeing Maryland for years now. It seems uncanny that the role of high taxes in negatively impacting our economy is a lesson Democrats never seem to learn. Today people are voting with their feet—many of them lifelong residents. High taxes are a primary reason, especially for retirees on fixed incomes. It is unacceptable that these people are forced to move because it has become too expensive to live in Maryland.

Democratic politicians greedy for tax dollars perennially put their own desires before the needs of their constituents. As your delegate I will never do that. I will fight to put Maryland at the top of the list for preferential tax treatment, instead of at the bottom of the barrel as the Democrats have done.

No Apartments – No Compromise

It is the American dream to be a homeowner. The right to own property is one of the most basic and important rights enshrined in both our state and federal Constitutions. People who have purchased a home in suburban communities work hard to get there and their rights to enjoy the privileges of property ownership should not be threatened. There has been a trend in recent years to overload communities with new developments that the communities are not prepared to handle. Schools are overloaded and the necessary build out of infrastructure, like roads and such does not follow.

Large apartment complexes overstress communities and reduce property values. That can be argued is an unconstitutional taking, because community homeowners are not compensated for these changes. Their homes lose value and they can do little to stop it. Furthermore, federal programs like Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing are used as a wedge to arm-twist suburban communities into accepting low-income housing projects, which cause all the aforementioned problems, but also bring drugs and crime. Because of these trends, Baltimore County is now experiencing homicides and other violent crime.

As your delegate, I will oppose efforts to bring a new apartment complex into the Lutherville area, or anywhere else in the district where such development is opposed by the residents, and threatens to overburden existing schools and local infrastructure.

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