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Standards for a Good Compatible Marriage

By Heather Pielke, RWBC Member

What I think are standards for a good compatible marriage:

1. Mutual Economic Compatibility

2. Mutual Social Compatibility

3. Mutual Physical Attractiveness

4. Mutual Religious Compatibility

The key word at the start of each of those four categories of compatibility is Mutual meaning having similar qualities as males and females and/or mutually agreeing that you like each other’s most important qualities. The most important use of the word mutual in a relationship is that both people agree to be in that relationship.

As a personal statement of faith, I am a Christian. I believe that a dating relationship hopefully, leading to marital relationship should be between a man and a woman because I am by lifelong faith a Bible based Christian. However, I believe that if two individuals like qualities of each other the first three categories: economic, social, and physical, that a couple is likely to be happy and then come to a religious agreement.

As a Christian woman, I find that Christian faith is what is most important to me personally. However, what people naturally notice about each other first are each other’s economic, social, and physical qualities. Choosing a mate whom you might be interested in of the opposite sex who shares similar traits in those first three categories, again, economic, social, and physical, is likely to lead to good conversations including later about religion. Religion, my opinion is the most important category of compatibility. I do think that people are wise to understand that even if a person has a religious preference, how people live economically, socially, and physically is likely to lead to happy social engagement. Even amongst people with different religious beliefs can happily marry, especially if they share similar backgrounds, economically, socially, and physically.

One of the key statistics regarding the economic category of compatibility is that most divorces in the United States of America are the result of financial disputes.

I am 45 years of age, I have never been married, I have never been divorced. I have no children. I am glad that all these things are currently true about me. For the following reason, I have not yet met a man whom I wanted to marry. The Bible states that some people have the gift of singleness, and some people have the gift of marriage. I am a stable, happy professionally employed consultant and small business owner of

My parents were both Christians and were married for nearly 31 years until death did them part when my father died of cancer in 2008. My parents were happily married and my still living 83 years mother said recently with no debate. My parents married later in life in their mid to late 30s. I think that marrying late in life made a lot of difference for them, as they both had graduate degrees and good friends with whom to socialize. They also knew what they believed, including politically.

So, ladies, I am glad that you are part of the RWBC. Do not forget to love your profession and the fact that you think. I think that you are very interesting women with whom to learn about and discuss Republican topics. The greatest spiritual gift is the helmet of salvation according to the Bible. Let us ladies be led by good thoughts and with the breastplate of righteousness (good behavior) guard our hearts. Let us always have a love of Jesus, as he is our Lord, and let him guide us in all our decisions with his holy light. That way in all our decisions we will express the people we are in Christ because Jesus knows us best. The simple truth of Jesus in all that we do will lead us to have a benevolent nature too.

As Republican Women of Baltimore County, we hope to decide the best things to vote for as practical solutions. The law should be kept succinct to protect individuality and religious freedom! Which is why we need to block with our vote, the Democrat bureaucrats this season!

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