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Shocker: Dems Vote AGAINST COVID Tests for Illegal Aliens Entering U.S.

September 29, 2021

Democrats want you to wear a muzzle, along with your children, and fight to segregate and separate Americans based on vaccine status....yet they vote against COVID testing illegal immigrants crossing the border before they are released into the United States.

THIS IS NOT ABOUT SAFETY OR HEALTH. Make no mistake, this is ALL about politics and control.

On Wednesday, Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks introduced a bill that would require the migrants to have a negative coronavirus test before being released from Customs and Border Protection detention. However, House Democrats shot it down.

“Today, I offered my REACT Act on the House floor, which would require DHS to give a COVID test to everyone crossing our border illegally,” Meeks tweeted. “The majority chose to block this commonsense bill that would ensure the health and safety of border patrol and border communities."

More than 12,000 migrants, most of whom were from Haiti, were allowed to enter the United States last week. In order to be released, no negative COVID-19 test was needed.

Imagine that.

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