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RWBC's Caring for America Project Gains Momentum with the Central Baltimore County Republican Club

In a display of unity and commitment to supporting our troops, the Caring for America committee of the Republican Women of Baltimore County (RWBC) is pleased to announce its latest partnership with the Central Baltimore County Republican Club (CBCRC). This collaboration is set to make a significant impact on the club’s 2023 fall fundraiser, which will directly benefit the non-profit organization, Angels Supporting Your Troops, Inc. This organization, founded in 2010, has tirelessly championed the noble cause of sending care packages to active military soldiers stationed in war zones across the globe.

The catalyst for this heartwarming partnership was Maria Zickuhr, President of the Central Baltimore County Republican Club. Upon learning about RWBC's fall fundraiser, Maria mobilized her members to support this vital initiative. This convergence of like-minded individuals culminated at the CBCRC's meeting on October 17, 2023, where RWBC's Vice President, Louise Baker, graciously accepted a generous $100 donation and essential supplies meant for the care packages prepared by Angels Supporting Your Troops.

President of CBCRC Maria Zuchuhr presents Vice President RWBC Louise Baker with a $100 check

Overwhelmed by the generosity of CBCRC, Louise Baker exclaimed, "Heartfelt thanks to the support of the Republican Club for their donations to Angels Supporting Your Troops. Their commitment to our troops is both inspiring and heartwarming."

President Maria Zichuhr added, “CBCRC continues to support our conservative values by making a difference in our community. To date we have donated to several groups including the Maryland Center for Veteran Education and Training, the Jewish Republican Club’s Voting Initiative and the NE Club’s Children’s Project.”

At the forefront of the RWBC's Caring for America Committee is the dedicated Donna Mell, who, along with her team, is leading the charge for the upcoming fall fundraiser. This collaboration between the RWBC and the CBCRC stands as a shining example of community unity and the shared commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of those who serve our country. Together, they are expanding horizons and changing lives, one caring gesture at a time.

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