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MEDIA CONTACT: Republican Women of Baltimore County (RWBC)

Jolie McShane RWBC President

Towson, Baltimore County, MD – June 12, 2023 For Immediate Release:

The Special Counsel’s indictment of former President Trump demonstrates unequal justice and destroys the public trust in government institutions. The Biden administration’s weaponization of the Justice Department will continue to destroy American’s confidence in law enforcement. The difference between how Hillary Clinton (who bleach bit illegal government servers in her home and hammered Blackberry phones) and Joe Biden are treated for the mishandling of confidential documents and President Donald Trump is incomparable. President Biden illegally kept classified documents for decades, as Senator and as then as Vice President. Where are those DOJ charges?

As President Donald Trump remarked it is “a DARK DAY for the United States of America.”

This is the first time that a leading candidate against the incumbent president has been indicted by the incumbent administration to prevent him from running. This is the key issue, “you have to wonder,” as Rachel Maddow on MSMBC commented if the DOJ would dop Trump’s case in exchange for him never “running for office again.” This is not about classified documents; this is about Trump running for office.

Every American who believes in the rule of law, stands with President Trump against this grave injustice.

Republican Women of Baltimore County (RWBC) is a politically active group of conservative women. Our mission is to develop an informed, active and effective membership encouraging growth of Republican ideals throughout the community. To elect Republican women to office, promote conservative ideals and perform charitable acts.

## END of RELEASE ##

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Sue Benson
Sue Benson
Jun 12, 2023

As a Republican I am really saddened and stunned to not see all Republicans rebuking Trump’s actions. Trump has no one to blame but himself. I’m also struck that many republicans are not understanding the difference between other instances you site and the actions of trump. The Republican Party must get off this Trump train and we must restore sanity to the party.

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