Peaceful Non-Compliance is the Theme of Robust Panel Discussion on Vaccine Mandates and Passports

Del. Lauren Arikan addresses an overflowing crowd at event hosted by the Republican Women of Baltimore County. Photo by HanaLyn Colvin

“Stop accepting the premise that the government or an employer is allowed to tell you what to put inside of your body. Period,” Delegate Lauren Arikan (R) told an energized crowd on Monday night at the Charles Village Pub and Patio.

Del. Arikan, who represents the 7th District in Northwest Baltimore and Harford Counties, was one of three keynote panelists featured at the October 11th discussion on vaccine mandates and passports. Ellen Sauerbrey, former Minority Leader of the Maryland House of Delegates, emceed the event, which was hosted by the Republican Women of Baltimore County. The panelists explored the legal, medical, and legislative aspects of the vaccine mandates.

Attorney Jennifer Lester, who is challenging the University System of Maryland’s vaccine mandate in court, provided updates on current lawsuits and offered some steps that individuals can take when faced with a medical ultimatum on the job. Emergency medicine physician Dr. Frank DiTraglia shared his insights from the medical field about the safety and efficacy of the vaccines. And Del. Arikan spoke about the legislative challenges facing Republicans who are fighting to hold the line against further encroachment on civil liberties.

The common thread of the night was peaceful non-compliance.