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My Question to Democrats

By Jim Simpson Candidate Maryland House of Delegates District 11B

I have a question for Democrats. Do you really want this? Do you want what today's Democratic Party is selling? Really? For those of you who vote Democratic because you always have, or from some other misplaced sense of loyalty, this election will spell the future for our state and the nation. Think hard about it. Do you really want this?

Do you want the racist CRT and insane gender ideology being forced on our kids by Maryland Democrats? Do you want your kids to "transition" of their own free will without your knowledge? Democrats are attempting to make this the law of the land. This has to be the most vicious agenda the Left has dreamed up yet. Do you favor it? Do you want your kids counseled to mutilate their bodies behind your back? Really?

Suicide rates among teens are at their highest levels in recorded history. Is it any wonder, when the establishment tells them they can make up whatever sex, race, even species they are? Ever looking for acceptance, kids are permanently altering their bodies at the urging of these sadistic ideologues and then realize the mistake too late. Is it any wonder when kids are stripped from their families, and parents labeled "domestic terrorists" for questioning these policies? This is so monstrous it defies description, yet most Democrat politicians support it. That includes my opponent Jon Cardin. Do you?

Do you want more violent crime while our police are mocked, slandered, attacked and defunded by leftist politicians? Violent criminals—including killers—released with little or no bail, go out and murder again. Both of my Democratic opponents voted against the Police Bill of Rights, which would have provided at least some relief. But it’s okay, Delegate Cardin didn’t have a problem using real police for a taxpayer-funded staged raid to propose marriage. Democratic candidate for Governor, Wes Moore is all in favor of defunding police and making them pay in other ways. No wonder Baltimore City and County have a severe shortage of police and record retirements. It will only get worse. Do you want that?

Do you want open borders? Illegals come from many nations, and 78 of the ones captured are on the terrorist watch list. How many were among the half-million “gotaways”? This mass migration includes pedophiles, rapists, kidnappers, killers and criminals of all stripes. Over 260,000 unaccompanied minors have crossed the border since Biden took office. Does it bother you that many die making the trip? Migrant deaths skyrocketed by over 100 percent after Biden took office. Are you okay with all that? Really? Under President Trump, migrant deaths were the lowest since the late 1990's.

Do you want off-the-charts inflation and astronomical energy costs? Do you want gasoline-fueled vehicles banned by 2035? Seriously? Maryland Democrats are committing us to that by following California’s lead. Do you believe the world will perish in 10 years because of "global warming?" Seriously? This is what educators are telling our kids, quoting a mindless bartender from the Bronx, now a prominent congressional Democrat. I’d laugh but it’s not funny.

Joe Biden has committed America to trillions of dollars for the "Green New Deal", and the Paris Climate Accords. Meanwhile China, which releases twice the greenhouse gasses we do, gives and does nothing. If climate change is a “national emergency,” why doesn’t that matter? Have you examined the disastrous results of the vast "green" energy program in Europe? Absolute lunacy, imposed to enrich European politicians, while the media flagrantly lies about it. Now Europe is dependent upon Russian energy to stay alive, and Russia is threatening to cut off supplies.

Why did Biden allow our enemy, Russia, to complete their Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, while closing down Keystone and ending America’s historic energy independence achieved under President Trump? Sounds a lot like Russian collusion to me. In Texas, 700 people died in the 2021 deep freeze because windmills failed. Maryland offshore wind is becoming a reality at a cost to you of $4 billion—one huge boondoggle that will mar the Maryland coastline, skyrocket energy costs and threaten our lives. Do you want this?

I could go on and on. Democrats bury the truth with relentless lies and vilification of their opponents. They shut down debate and even discussion of controversial subjects. They threaten, attack and even kill those they don’t agree with. Practically every problem our state and nation face today, from rampant crime--especially in cities like Baltimore--to doubling of food prices in a year, can be laid at the feet of Democrats. If Democrats remain in power it will only get worse. Do you really want this? Really?

Why would anyone ever vote for a Democrat again?

Jim Simpson is a candidate for the Maryland House of Delegates in District 11B. A writer, economist and businessman, he is also author of the Amazon best-seller, Who Was Karl Marx?

Jim Simpson is an Associate Member of the Republican Women of Baltimore County. This letter was submitted to the Editor of the


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