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Medical Mandates Equal Zero Freedoms

The CoVID pandemic has markedly changed our lives and most certainly our Freedoms. As a country that was founded on freedom, this overnight hijacking of our basic human right has jolted even the most apolitical person to sit up and take notice. As patriotic Americans we have adhered to one governmental request after another. We have allowed love ones to die alone, we have locked down our economy, we have worn masks, we have stopped traveling and more, all because we were repeatedly assured that the development of a vaccine was the “End Game” which would allow us to return to normal. But we American’s have been lied to. The goal posts are constantly being moved and the latest mandate, which is to accept vaccination, regardless of our natural immunity, pre-existing health conditions and/or our personal choice has the ability to take our individual freedoms away and make any one of us a pariah in society.

How do we solve this encroachment on our freedoms?

To date, 21 U.S. States have passed legislation that restrict or prevent COVID vaccine mandates or COVID Vaccine Passports. Successes like this, demonstrate that we should not lose faith in our system. Not yet anyway. The system is broken but the answer is to not give up. We need YOU! We need well grounded, freedom loving, rational individuals to get involved at every level of government. This means EVERY level.

The Republican Women of Baltimore County (RWBC) encourages individuals to work within the system. We encourage you to go to your state legislators and have personal conversations with them to let them know how you feel about this important issue. Does this work? You bet it does! The RWBC are forming committees that will start knocking on our Representatives’ doors.

Barbara Leo-Fisher, Co-founder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) states:

"That means your school board, your county boards, city councils, your state legislatures. At the local level, you can really make a difference. Talk to your neighbors, talk to your community, give them the information that's produced by NVIC...

Give them factual information backed up with references and try to change the conversation in your community. Also, we have to change bad laws so that we won't have to feel this oppression that we've felt for almost two years …

I'll just point out, there's a page on the CDC website that basically talks about Quarantine Camps and being able to detain citizens should they feel that they need to be protected from the rest of society, or the rest of society protected from them. This is a very serious constitutional issue."

As explained by Fisher, the federal government can invoke its authority over interstate commerce and prohibit unvaccinated people from flying from one state to another. Not only is there legislation introduced in Congress proposing this, but software programs have already been developed to implement this plan. So, even though 21 states have enacted laws against the requirement of Vaccine Passports, we're not out of the woods yet. The freedom to travel can still be stripped from us in a variety of ways, and we must fight to block all of them.

Join us in this fight to stop our freedoms from being stripped away, we have set up a link on our website to volunteer your services. Whether by emailing and calling or visiting our representatives, it is time to step up and Save America.

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