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Maryland State Education Association Touts Critical Race Theory and Gender Identity Over A, B, C's

On Saturday May 21, 2022, the Republican Women of Baltimore County hosted an event titled “Who Is Influencing Our Children’s Education, Our Elections and Our Legislation?” Three of the five invited guests accepted our invitation to discuss ‘International and Non-governmental Influencers’ on our legislative process, our children’s education and our elections. This is the third article of a three-part series, addressing each category of the presentation separately.

In plain sight the Maryland State Education Association (MSEA) promotes critical race theory through “Equity Lens” in every subject matter in every classroom Pre-K through 12th grade. In addition, the Maryland State Board of Education recently added gender identity education in all grades, including Pre-K – 3rd grade. Parents are asking, what is going on? Why the emphasis on critical race theory (known as Social and Emotional Learning in Maryland) and gender identity studies?

“Marxism” is the reason according to panelist Ms. Gordana Schifanelli. Ms. Schifanelli was born in Serbia and experienced living under Socialism/Marxism. Instead of the typical Marxist ideology of the bourgeoisie versus the proletariat (landowner vs. working class) to stir up the masses, the modern-day Marxist had to change their target to “color consciousness.” Pitting one cultural group against another, exactly as critical race theory does - oppressor versus oppressed. The white person is the oppressor, all other races are oppressed. The conclusion is white people are inherently evil. The founding fathers were white and therefore the U.S. Constitution is unfair and biased as white elitist / supremacists crafted it.

The goal of the Marxist agenda is to divide us, cause chaos and waltz in as our saviors.

Panelist Schifanelli is an attorney who founded the Kent Island Patriots group, which ousted former Queen Anne’s County school superintendent. The superintendent had publicly supported the Black Lives Matter movement during the COVID-19 school closures by encouraging students to demonstrate in the streets. A glaring example of a full disregard for reading, writing and mathematics.

The graphic below comes from the MSEA, ActionLine Magazine January 2021. This is an obvious promotion of critical race theory, but for good measure these Marxists toss in sex and transgender issues at the same time. You cannot make this stuff up, seriously!

Parents have the right to question this Marxist biased curriculum. The example below is from an August 2020 issue of ActionLine Magazine, the second page is headlined with the Black Lives Matter power fist.

Maryland State Education Association August 2020 ActionLine Magazine

The fist adopted by Black Lives Matter is also a symbol from Socialist International, a group promoting worldwide Socialism (Marxism).

Page 2 – Maryland State Education Association August 2020 ActionLine Magazine - note the fists across the top.

With encouragement like this from the Maryland State Education Association, it is not a wonder the Queen Anne’s superintendent encouraged her students to demonstrate in the streets. However, the parents felt differently about this Marxist indoctrination, voted out the school board and subsequently the superintendent.

How is it that students cannot read, write or pass standardized tests in Maryland, but the educators have time to promote and teach critical race theory and gender identity? The system is broken, it is time to make a change. Responsibility and authority over a child's development, discipline, education, and health care rests with the child's parent or guardian. Children belong to their families, not to the government. Parents, it is time to regain control of our children’s education.

The Republican Women of Baltimore County have dedicated a webpage to Education issues. We have taken action with Baltimore County Schools concerning pornography in the libraries. On June 9 there is an opportunity to meet the conservative school board candidates at the Baltimore County Executive Forum. Most importantly do your civic duty and vote in the upcoming primary election July 19.

Attend a Baltimore County School Board meeting, next opportunity is July 12 at 6:30. Details here.

Listen to Ms. Schifanelli’s speech at the 53-minute mark:

Be inspired by North Carolina’s legislation, led by a parent group:

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