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Maryland Legislators Object to Testimony Quoting Pornographic Passage from High School Book

House Bill 0671 was introduced to the Ways and Means Committee on February 14, 2024, to close the loophole in the Maryland Pornography and Obscenity laws which allows these inappropriate books in public school libraries. RWBC Member Jolie McShane testified in favor of this law presented by Delegate Robin Grammer.

Quoting two sexual terms from the book Lawn Boy, caused an uproar from the Ways and Means Chairperson! Watch at 02:04:23

“Quite frankly, if we cannot quote from the book because it violates the House Procedures, then why are these obscene and pornographic books in our schools? This should be an easy decision on the part of the Ways and Means Committee to move this bill rapidly through the chambers,” said Jolie McShane.

Below is her testimony to the Ways and Means Committee:

Please support of HB0671, a crucial measure aimed at closing a loophole that permits the inclusion of pornographic cartoons or illustrations in children’s books.

These materials pose a significant risk to our children, who are not yet equipped with the cognitive maturity to comprehend such material. As parents we see that such exposure leads to lasting relationship confusion, destabilizes the family, and contributes to societal decay.

Books like Gender Queer and Lawn Boy in our public schools under the guise of educational materials for those who identify as nonbinary or asexual is pure nonsense. Why do children need to read how to perform sexual acts…excuse me as I quote from the book…”suck dicks, and hump each other?” This is clearly not educational.  

The FBI's statistics reveal: one out of every seven children fall victim to sexual abuse, leaving them voiceless. The CDC warns against exposing sexually abused children to pornographic materials, as it exacerbates trauma and leads to mental health issues, including depression and suicide.

For example, “Lawn Boy” is 312 pages long, includes the word that rhymes with DUCK 107 times and has 18 obscene sexual scenes.

Other states have already enacted legislation to remove such materials from school libraries to uphold existing laws regarding pornography and obscenity.

I have yet to encounter a Baltimore County taxpayer who is not shocked by this flyer. I urge you to stand with Marylanders and vote in favor of HB0671.

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