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Maryland Aligns with Nine States in Textbook Controversy

By Delegate Lauren Arikan, District 7B Harford County

As lawmakers nationwide push to stop the blatantly inaccurate and pornographic materials that can currently be found in schools, Gov. Wes Moore joined nine other progressive governors against parents having a say in what goes into their child's educational materials in a letter released Friday. Moore, along with other liberal Democratic governors, called on textbook publishers to “hold the line” and ignore reasonable Republican lawmakers and parents' requests to address some of the outlandish propaganda being taught in schools today like gender ideology.

One thing is clear, there is an assault on parents’ rights coming out of Annapolis.

This year, lawmakers have tried passing bills attacking parental rights and refused to pass bills that protect your role in your child’s life.

The libraries in our public schools and communities are carrying books aimed at middle school and high school students that are radical and even pornographic and some are in the school curriculum.

Gender Queer, Lawn Boy, and Heartstopper are examples of books encouraging children to be sexually active at a very young age and to embrace transgenderism.

Gender Queer is a graphic novel (comic book style) that has pedophilia images, including one of a naked adult man with a naked young boy (page 135), a 13-year-old girl saying, “I started daydreaming about getting breast cancer thinking it would be the perfect excuse to have my breasts removed,” (page 38) and very graphic images of young people engaged in all kinds of sex acts.

What can you do? Be vigilant about what your children and grandchildren are learning at school and in the library. Be extremely watchful about what they are exposed to on their devices and the internet.

In the meantime, please keep your children and grandchildren close and make sure that you are involved in their education and extracurricular activities, and make sure they know your family values.

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