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Let’s Count the Many Republican Women of Baltimore County WINS for 2022!

RWBC is on the map in many ways, we are the largest Maryland Republican Club (award news), we had 12 members run for office. RWBC social media activity is by far the best in its class for the state of Maryland. Our social posts helped candidates spread the word, we offered sign waving and gathered teams to door knock and drop literature. The big win was the many new friends while at the same time having fun.

RWBC initiated ACTION items at every meeting in 2022. As you are all aware, we targeted the inappropriate books found in our public schools. Although Baltimore County Public School administrator Ms. McComas took nine months to answer our first letter, this did not stop us from initiating a second book review and letter to BCPS. We understand Dulaney High School pulled the book from the shelves. The Education Committee is chaired by new member Katie Swim, volunteers are raising their hands to join her efforts (email In 2023 we anticipate WINNING by eliminating these inappropriate books!

With help from the Maryland Voter Integrity Group, RWBC has established the Baltimore County Voter Integrity Council. We are quiet about our progress thus far, but rest assured we are shaking the state house shingles. There is research that needs to be done and this is where members of RWBC can assist from the comfort of their homes. Unlike prior year efforts, this new election integrity committee is matching efforts with other groups throughout the state. If this interests you, please join us by emailing Jean Benhoff at

Our monthly newsletter is enjoyed by our membership and offers all the upcoming events in one place as well as a recap from prior meetings. The Caring for America Committee helped many Baltimore County non-profit organizations in 2022. And not to be complacent the Caring Committee is currently managing the Winter Food Drive. Finally, be sure to thank the hard-working RWBC Board and Committee members. Our wonderful board and committees work very hard to make amazing things happen. We are thankful for our growing cadre of members, our volunteers who come out regardless of weather and those who have stepped up to run for office. Thank you all.

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