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Land of the FREE and the Home of the BRAVE

September 2022 President's Letter by Jolie McShane

Turning Point USA mailed a poster to remind us Americans, we are world renowned as the “Land of the FREE and the Home of the BRAVE”. Our heritage is unique, we were the explorers, risk takers that strove to be FREE. Our ancestors faced extreme hardship, they were driven by a sense of righteousness, free spirit, true grit, and determination. You have inherited spirit within you, as an American it is there. We all have it, so let’s use it!

Be a force multiplier, kindly spread the word of your beliefs. Your interest in this club indicates you are concerned abut the direction of our country. Now is the time to take the American spirit within you, follow through with your passion and step up.

Like all our fellow Americans, we were unhappy with the government’s CoVid-19 overreach with lock downs, masking, and mandates. We are unhappy with high inflation, crime, and energy prices. We are super unhappy with the education system that seems more focused on sex than reading writing and math. These hot button concerns are driving what we hope will be a “Red Wave” but, it will not occur without your involvement. How can YOU effect change?

1) Volunteer for a campaign – Governor to school board candidates need your help, pick one, offer your services to write postcards, sign wave, door knock or phone banking

2) Become an Election Judge – a one day commitment

3) Join a RWBC Committee – Education, Election Integrity, Social Media, Hospitality, Website Management, assist our RWBC Reporter Karen Tully

4) Sign wave – an easy way to meet like-minded people

5) Write articles for the RWBC Blog

Communication is the central activity of politicking, so why not advance your thoughts? The RWBC website has a robust Blog Section and we welcome member written articles. For example, Associate Member Richard Fontaine wrote a great article after hearing Michael Peroutka speak. That article received 65 article views and that can translate into at least 50 additional votes for Attorney General Michael Peroutka. Can’t write? Not an issue, we have members who volunteer to edit your article.

Communication is key. That is why the mainstream media was so upset with President Trump. He commanded the daily news narrative, and the mainstream media lost their collective minds. As creative FREE and BRAVE Americans, we have established all new streams of communication from Blogs to Podcasts, YouTube Channels, Rumble, GETTR, Telegram and so much more. We have turned off the alphabet of television stations, cancelled the newspapers and turned to our own resources. Reporter Karen Tully has many informative interviews of candidates, speakers, and issues on the RWBC YouTube Channel and Facebook Videos. So much so, YouTube recently decided to “strike” us for “misinformation”. The RWBC has a loud voice, the left is reading and watching! Let’s see your inherited BRAVE and FREE Americanism shine, get involved!

Turning Point USA mailing, FREE and BRAVE

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