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How Does the Maryland Attorney General Protect Our Freedoms and Constitutional Rights?

By Richard Fontaine

September 1, 2022

If the job of the Maryland Attorney General is to protect our freedoms and constitutional rights, then the current slate of elected attorney generals failed us Marylanders during COVID.

The last two years of lockdowns, children not learning due to Zoom teaching and the tens of thousands of Maryland businesses (and the millions who worked for them) were deemed “non-essential" learned the hard way what the Rule of Law and Liberty means. In comparison, states that continued business as usual (Florida and South Dakota), refrained from issuing mandates and lockdowns, kept their oath to the Constitution, these states fared 100% better on all fronts compared to those states/politicians who violated our rights.

Did our elected politicians act for their own political reasons with little concern for the lives they were destroying? Is there something, we as citizens can do to make sure this never happens again? YES and YES! We as citizens have a chance to change this trajectory, we can elect a constitutional attorney general, who is well versed in constitutional law that protects rights of every citizen! Perhaps you heard this person on the radio discussing the importance of our Constitutional Rights intertwined with our historical Judeo-Christian values? Does the name Michael Anthony Peroutka sound familiar? Michael Anthony Peroutka is running for Attorney General of Maryland and we believe he is man for the job.

Michael Anthony Peroutka is a lawyer and co-founder of The Institute on the Constitution, a nation-wide program that teaches the principles incorporated in the Declaration of Independence and the U. S. and Maryland Constitution. He is the perfect candidate that Honors God, Will Protect the Family and Restore Our Republic.

If elected, Mr. Peroutka will take leadership of the 460 Maryland lawyers in the Attorney General's office. His mission will be to keep his promise of liberty, freedom and prosperity for us Marylanders. This is who we can turn to improve our out-of-control crime, our schools being turned into socialist experiments and maintain our savings from being diluted by the massive spending of our tax dollars.

Will there be another lockdown and mandates this winter? Not if Marylanders support a freedom loving attorney general by simply voting for Michael Anthony Peroutka.

Michael Anthony Peroutka

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