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Indoctrination - Just Say No!

September’s Republican Women of Baltimore County meeting topic covered indoctrination, it’s socialist roots with real life examples in our educational system, mainstream media and of course the gender identity movement. Recognize Indoctrination and Just Say NO!

Keynote speaker author and lawyer Marc Schifanelli referenced his book “Freedom Emotion and Fascism” using Political Psychology theories. The study of Political Psychology is totally different from the study of Political Science. Joining Marc was his wife Gordana Schifanelli, who brought us her knowledge and expertise of living under Communism/Marxism. Guest panelists Kim Swim and Hunter De Cesare are both recent students (high school and college) who shared their indoctrination experiences with the audience.

The audience was shocked at the indoctrination stories from all three panelists. Many were unaware of the extent of indoctrination within our American education system. As Katie Swim commented, it is a whole different world compared to four years ago. A recent trip to her alma mater Katie was shocked to see rainbow and Black Lives Matters flags everywhere.

Many are unaware this is happening in our schools (including private schools!). However, it has been in plain sight according to Keynote Speaker Marc Schifanelli. Marc analyzed each example and demonstrated how the Marxists use this technique to turn our country to Socialism. Per Marc with each success, Socialists move closer to more power.

Did you miss this eye-opening meeting? The Republican Women of Baltimore County offer a live feed at every meeting. Watch here, Recognize Indoctrination and Just Say No!

Republican Women of Baltimore County (RWBC) is a politically active group of conservative women. Our mission is to develop an informed, active and effective membership encouraging growth of Republican ideals throughout the community. To elect Republican women to office, promote conservative ideals and perform charitable acts …and have FUN doing it!

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