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Election Integrity – What’s Happening in Maryland?

Maryland Voter Integrity Group and the Republican Women of Baltimore County sponsored nationally recognized Dr. Douglas Frank to discuss Maryland’s voting history and its anomalies. The entire presentation can be found here (Facebook Live) or here (Rumble).

Although Dr. Frank is claimed by the mainstream media to be “just a math teacher”, his resume’ does not reflect this statement with over 60 peer reviewed scientific papers including feature and cover articles in the leading scientific journals in the world (Science, Nature, Naturwissenschaften). He holds a Ph.D. in Surface Electroanalytical Chemistry and shares his wisdom through a school for gifted and talented students which he helped to establish. During one of his classes, he was utilizing the 2010 census to teach algorithms and stumbled upon the machine-generated vote results for every county in the United States.

Dr. Douglas Frank presents to Maryland Voter Integrity Group.

According to Robyn Sachs, founder of the Maryland Voter Integrity Group “the more we dig, the more we find out.” A prime example of this research (using current data from Maryland’s Board of Elections) her group discovered five (Anne Arundel, Queen Anne’s, Carroll, Frederick and Harford) counties in Maryland that had a 35% vote spike in Democrat voter registrations! These counties did not have corresponding population or registration changes. This spike took place during the 2020 COVID lockdown. For a comparison, normal increase of voter registration year to year is only ½ to 2%.

Let’s drill down on what is really happening in Maryland. Most notably, Maryland’s population is decreasing but voter registration is increasing and increasingly at a faster rate. Baltimore City is the most interesting case, the number of 18+ residents registered to vote nearly matches the population. How can this be? The following graph is data extracted from the Maryland Board of Elections voter data from 1986 to 2020. This is not normal, this is voter fraud.

Baltimore City registrations increasing population decreasing

More people registered to vote in Baltimore City than the population trend

When Dr. Frank extrapolated the data to follow typical voting trends, he found in Baltimore City 133,000 more people registered to vote than the population trend. These mysterious voter registrations are for both Democrats and Republicans, therefore if you believe this is just a Republican issue then you are sorely mistaken.

Baltimore County more people registered to vote than the population trend

In Baltimore County 118,000 more people registered to vote than the population trend. How does this happen?

As a mathematician Dr. Frank used the 2010 census to teach his students how to calculate using algorithms and relate the results to voter rolls. He originally thought this would be an interesting use of mathematics. However, what he discovered was the census numbers were the base for the machine’s algorithms and therefore the election results! This is how it is possible for Dr. Frank to exactly predict the results in each and every county in the United States of America that USES VOTING MACHINES and ELECTRONIC VOTING BOOKS.

Below is a graph showing Dr. Frank’s prediction model for the 2020 Maryland elections, this model was based on the 2019 census results. Shockingly, his prediction was .98 accurate. This means we as United States citizens are no longer choosing our representatives, someone else is making those decisions for us. As Michael Peroutka (Candidate for Maryland Attorney General) commented, “if we do not have our vote, we do not have our voice”.

Using 2019 Census numbers, Dr. Frank predicts the exact number of ballots recorded
Baltimore County "missing voters" from 2020

Multiple times, Dr. Frank was asked who is the “they” that are pre-programing our election machines? His answer? Watch this very informative short documentary, “Your Wake Up Call”. Once you watch it, all the pieces fall into place. The mainstream media was on board in 2018 with stories of election manipulation, but in 2020 they completely changed their tune.

Perhaps you are one of those who just can’t believe our elections are completely manipulated? Take a good hard look at this long list of resources, watch and read a few of them and you will completely change your mind: on the issue of election fraud. In addition, a newly released documentary called (S)Election Code will be showing August 23 in Towson. Register here:

How do we, as citizens of Maryland fix this? We must eliminate voting machines, have one day of voting with photo ID’s and signature verification. No drop boxes, absentee ballots for rare exceptions (1%) and hand count the results just like the Germans, Iranians and French. If they can hand count their ballots, so can we. We can easily have same day election results just like Germany, Iran and France. Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, we all want and deserve fair elections. It is the only way to insure our Democracy.

The Maryland Voter Integrity Group will be canvassing voters in the near future, will you help to STOP the fraud?

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