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Double Standard on Display

By Gary Bauer – Campaign for Maryland Families

Just hours before last night’s show trial began, Biden’s FBI arrested Ryan Kelley, one of the last remaining Republican candidates in the race for governor of Michigan. (The other leading candidates were all suspiciously kicked off the ballot.) The charges against Kelley are all relatively minor. He’s essentially being accused of trespassing on federal property. He never entered the Capitol Building. But for this minor trespassing infraction, the FBI hunted him down and arrested him. If only the Bureau was that aggressive with Antifa! As former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy notes, the double standard is once again on full display as the feds turn a blind eye to the radical pro-abortion demonstrators who are attempting to intimidate Supreme Court justices. This is an extraordinary development. It seems to suggest that almost everyone on Capitol Hill that day may be subject to arrest. Are we going to see nationwide raids from the Biden Administration (the same people who targeted concerned parents as “domestic terrorists) linked to the hearings taking place everyday throughout the election cycle? By the way, the five candidates kicked off the ballot all had the same petition problem. Really? All of them? That almost sounds like sabotage. Is this a scheme to secure a key 2024 state, currently led by a deeply unpopular Democrat? And now they’ve taken out one of the last remaining candidates, on the opening day of the Pelosi Show. What a remarkable coincidence! (Hardly.)

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