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Delegate Szeliga’s Vision for 2024 Shared with RWBC

“Our only option is to stay and fight, do not give up,” said Delegate Szeliga.

Delegate Kathy Szeliga joined nationally recognized political commentator Charlie Gerow on November 19, 2022 Republican Women of Baltimore County meeting to discuss the 2022 election results and our future.

The absentee/mail-in-ballot, drop box system is here to stay in Maryland. This is not going to change anytime soon. The Democrats are so crazy, they wanted to put mail-in-ballot drop boxes in prison yards. If you are not a convicted felon but awaiting a trial the Democrats wanted to make sure you could vote. The Maryland House passed it, but thankfully the Senate squashed the proposal.

“In every Maryland race, the mail-in-ballots crushed the Republican candidates. We need to do the same as the Democrats to find the low propensity voters and have them vote by mail. In the 2022 race mail-in-ballots came in 10-1 in favor of the Democrats. The California Republicans realized the same four years ago and campaigned (just like the Democrats) to find those (R) low propensity voters. Maryland Republicans need to do the same, we cannot wait until election day.”

The Maryland Democratic Party was very clear in their attacks, (R) candidates were extremist anti-abortionists. Although this is not true, the Democrat approach worked! We as Republicans must do the same, chose an attack mantra and keep repeating it.

What is the Republican call to action? “I love that the Republican Women of Baltimore County have a call to action at every meeting, keep that up!” said Delegate Szeliga. The RWBC election integrity group is making strides, she encouraged the group to keep up the good work and do not lose sight of the end game. Regarding the pornographic material in our schools, RWBC is exposing those books by instituting a letter writing campaign and insisting on responses from Baltimore County Public Schools. Finally, we must concentrate on precincts with door to door campaigns and locate the low propensity voters.

Hear Delegate Kathy Szelia’s speech (start at 14 minute mark):

Kathy Szeliga is the Delegate for District 7 which straddles Baltimore and Harford Counties. A Baltimorean, Towson State University graduate, teacher and small business owner, Kathy has held her legislative seat since January 2011 and manages to stay sane year after year working with the opposition party!

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