D.C. Judge Halts Biden’s “Unconstitutional” Rule – Executes Restraining Order On Joe Firing Military

By Ben Dutka

October 29, 2021

While the Biden administration faces numerous issues, ranging from inflation to immigration, the pandemic continues to dominate much of the nation’s headlines.

The mandates have been controversial throughout the year, especially those that force employees to be vaccinated. Numerous lawsuits claim these rules are unconstitutional.

And one judge believes the Constitution wins out in regards to freedom of religion.

From the start of the mandates, thousands of employees around the country said it was a violation of their religious freedom. They should be able to opt out of the vaccination due to their beliefs.

However, the mandates had no allowance for that. And this is why we’re seeing so many lawsuits and general pushback.

One lawsuit regarding religious exemptions vs. the COVID-19 vaccines is still pending, and those who support the Constitution hope the judge rules appropriately.

In the meantime, though, it’s possible that federal employees – such as active and civilian military members – could still face punishment. Some might even lose their jobs, despite the lawsuit.