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Concerned About Sexualization of Children in Our School’s Curriculum?

Support and Vote for Conservative School Board Members

The Children 1st PAC is an educational, grass roots movement singularly focused on encouraging and supporting strong, proven and dedicated leaders to run for school board positions in all of the 7 council manic districts in Baltimore County.

The candidates would have a shared and purposeful goal to:

1. Encourage and implement a world class education free of political indoctrination

2. A guaranteed commitment to in-person learning in the classroom

3. A parents God-given right to be the superior voice as the sole influencer in regards to their child’s medical, health and curriculum decisions.

If we learned anything from the Covid 19 restrictions and lock downs, it is how powerful and influential school boards can be in determining the trajectory, direction and final results of our childrens’ education. If school boards can go unchecked and not monitored their influence can lead to disastrous government overreach with long lasting consequences. Thankfully, Baltimore County parents have really stepped up to hold these school board members accountable! One school board member stated that up until 2020 that not more than 10 people tuned into their school board meetings. Currently, each school board meeting has, on average, 200 people tuning in and very often that number exceeds 1000! We now have tremendous energy coming from our parent community and also have candidates who have finally taken hold to represent this newfound energy.

Children 1st PAC is completely dedicated to offering these candidates the resources and support they will need to turn that energy into action and get themselves elected.

Please consider a donation to Children1stPAC so that we may support these candidates to the full extent of our potential.

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