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Caring for America's Fall Fundraiser - Angels Supporting Your Troops, Inc.

The RWBC Caring for America committee's fall fundraiser will focus on a very worthy cause: our military. We will be working with a small group of "angels" here in Baltimore County: Angels Supporting Your Troops, Inc. Since January 1, 2010, the mission of this non-profit organization has been to send care packages to active military soldiers in war zones around the world. In lieu of monthly food donations in the months of September, October and December, the RWBC will be collecting items listed on the attached flyer for the care packages as well as monetary donations for shipping fees. Monetary donations can be sent to the address also designated on the flyer. We hope to welcome and hear more about this valuable mission from these "angels" at our November meeting.

"Only the miracle of the community can keep this mission going!"

-Angels Supporting Your Troops, Inc.

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