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Berney Flowers, Candidate for Congress District 2

Berney Flowers, Candidate for Congress District 2 walked away from his 33-year DoD career because he believes America needs to change its direction now, before it's too late.

Political Activist Beth Lawson interviews Berney Flowers on TV Free Baltimore. Berney is a Republican candidate seeking a Congressional seat in Maryland's District 2. He served in the US Air Force for almost 21 years, retiring at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, S. Korea and even, the Ukraine in support of the American people. After retiring from the Air Force, he spent over 13 years as a civil servant working in leadership roles in the Dept. of Defense, Dept. of Homeland Security and with other agencies.

As a retired veteran and a dedicated civil servant, Berney kept his opinions to himself and remained politically neutral during his long DoD career. However, he believes that he can no longer stand by and watch his beloved country succumb to career politicians and special interests. This is why he decided to step up to the challenge and campaign to become the next Congressman in Maryland's District 2. This interview provides an opportunity to hear Berney share his thoughts with the voters.

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