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Who knew? Baltimore County Board of Education works for Students, Parents, and Community

District 3 School Board Candidate Maggie Domanowski Is Laser Focused on BCPS’s Mission

A mother of 3 elementary school children, Maggie became active in her children's education after the COVID shutdowns of 2020. Never having been a teacher herself, Maggie sat down next to her oldest and watched as the Baltimore County Board of Education enforced virtual school curriculum failed her children. It wasn't the teachers or the administrators at her school, it was the virtual system they were forced to navigate.

It took over a year from the start of the lock downs to determine her son’s diagnosis of ADHD and dyslexia. His special needs required an educational IEP and worse yet he was now two years behind his peers in reading and writing. Maggie was staying home, by her son’s side making sure he completed his assignments. Her pleas to BCPS’s for help were answered with her son was in the "right place at the wrong time". BCPS (Baltimore County Public Schools) still had not opened their doors to in person learning... not even for the ones who needed it the very most.

It was the Board of Education making the policies to keep our school doors closed. A policy that didn't just fail the Domanowski family, it failed more than a majority of the public school students in the county.

Watch the full interview at TV Free Baltimore:

Keep Politics out of our Schools

Maggie Litz Domanowski understands the need to keep all politics out of our schools and focus on giving our children the best education possible. The kind of education that will help them succeed and compete on a level playing field in life.

Strictly Adhere to BCPS’s Mission Statement

In the end, it was the Board of Education's own organizational chart that became Ms. Domanowski's driving force to run for the Baltimore County School Board. It is the Students, Parents, and Community that BCPS BOD works for and are at the top of the organizational chart. Ms. Domanowski understands if not her, then who? Restore the Baltimore County Board of Education to its original mission…work for the Students, Parents and Community.

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