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Well, It’s Pride Month

By RWBC President Louise Baker

Not to worry we are not going to talk about being proud of drag queens reading to preschoolers, transgender bathrooms in every public school in our County, displays of swimwear that binds female breasts or male genitalia, pornography in our school libraries, men being crowned as Miss. Maryland or rainbows that add and an additional color that does not belong.

We are not going to talk about graduating children who cannot read, write or perform basic math skills, a County Executive who could care less about school overcrowding or a Governor, who with his leftist administration, passed 338 new or increased taxes and fees since 2023. We are not going to talk about an incompetent criminal President who basically has committed treason allowing millions of unvetted illegal aliens into our Country with drugs, weapons and sex slaves. We are not going to talk about woke universities, a two-tiered system of justice or stolen elections. For these are just a few of the very many things we are ashamed of. These are truly shameful things!

The antidote to shame is pride. There are innumerable things we should embrace, respect and yes be proud of as residents of Baltimore County, Baltimore City, the State of Maryland and the United States of America. Many responses among our members were quite consistent on our recent “pride” survey and some quite diverse. Listen carefully and feel free to give a shout out when you hear one or more of your own responses. 

Starting with Baltimore County we can take great pride in being the home of the one and only ambassador Ellen Sauerbrey. We host the Maryland State Fair. A unique equestrian landscape can be found right here, and we host the Maryland Hunt Cup which happens to be the toughest steeplechase horse race in the world. The Gunpowder River, which snakes through our County, offers some of the Country’s best trout fishing. And we have remarkable conservative clubs with dedicated members using strong and powerful voices. 

Baltimore City offers us the Preakness Stakes, the Baltimore Ravens and our O’s, both the team and the accent. Our National Anthem was written right in Baltimore Harbor. The National Aquarium, the National Children’s Zoo, Berger Cookies, Fort McHenry, Domino Sugar, Goetze Caramel Creams and Woken-fuss Chocolates all our ours to claim.

Moving onto our great State. We own crabs and we all take great pride in this. Nowhere else can one get a crab or a crab cake that compares to ours with a touch of our very own McCormick Old Bay spice. We have mountains to the west and an ocean to the east. We enjoy having all four seasons. History is embedded here as Maryland is one of the 13 original colonies and Annapolis is quite unique, resembling a European City. Annapolis houses the Navel Academy and the Bay Bridge, which many claim to be the scariest bridge to cross in the nation. The White Marlin Open happens down the O and the healthcare Maryland offers compares to no other, with John’s Hopkins, Shock Trauma and Kennedy Kreiger.


And as citizens of the greatest Country on earth we are collectively proud of our freedoms, particularly of speech and religion. Our US Constitution is remarkable, and our founding fathers were brilliant visionaries. They made significant sacrifices. We are indeed a melting pot and offer the American Dream to those willing to work for it. Our great Country is strong, and we are still leaders on the global stage although we’ve weakened in recent years. We should be so proud of fraternity brothers who protect and guard our flag against brainwashed students who support terrorist organizations. We should be so proud of those who spoke out and fought tirelessly against the JAB!  We can embrace great pride in groups like Moms for Liberty who refuse to co-parent with the government and national grass roots efforts to preserve 9 Supreme Court justices. 

Last but certainly not least we can and should be proud of a man named Donald J Trump who truly did drain the swamp and made America Great Again. We can and will regain and sustain our great Country as good will always prevail over evil. 

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