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The American Dream for a Person of Any Class

By Heather Elizabeth Pielke, Member RWBC

To remind you of good inspiring common sense in America I have written this article to summarize the typical American dream for a person of any class. This article is realistic and has traditionally led to happiness.

The most important things that Americans want is the basic elements of life:

1. Housing

2. Clothing

3. Food

4. People

What to enjoy in life with those four basic elements?

1. Comfort in your dwelling that is:

- clean

- temperate protection from the natural elements

- decorated nicely

2. Comfort in your clothes that are:

- practical

- temperature compatible

- a style that is healthy and likable to you

- aesthetic qualities that represent who you are as a person

3. Comfort in your food

- healthy

- good tasting

- predictable

- variety

4. Comfort from the people around you

- compatible

- communicative

- helpful

- Kind (a good intention)

- sociable or perhaps in a tame, healthy way entertaining

People who are traditionally stable want these things consistently, regularly, and predictably in some way. Newness and variety come with time increasing measure, starting gently in youth. Most people do not want drastic changes and should not have them. Life is enjoyable in a safe, healthy way with all these things.

There is newness in ways and things that have existed since the beginning of time for humanity. There are many things we come to enjoy that are regularly in our life that repeat. It is very important to enjoy the traditional as well as variety in variations of it. Yes, inventions that are credible are different and good, but we should remember to always do what we should. Our first priority in life, is to take care of the essentials in life and maintain them, hopefully in an enjoyable way before we try anything new on any given day.

That having been said, I have lived my life for Christ starting at a young age. I personally know the joy that Christ brought me through his Biblical message. I lived a responsible, safe, protected life as a result, as my parents did before me. The happiness of safety and good clean fun that I choose comfort in joyful, middle age, and these things still comfort my still living mother who is now an 83 years of age. I highly recommend that you try the message of Christ and try to live by it, it will bring you joy for life. I chose to be a Republican because I heard on TV Republicans expressed that they openly loved Jesus and I knew that Jesus and my parents when I was a young age would love, nurture, provide for, and inspire me best.

I am truly blessed by God and I hope you will be. Please do not forget to vote for Republicans who are Christians too please!

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