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RWBC Visits Harford County for Patriot Freedom Project Fundraiser

RWBC's Louise Baker went to a We The People meeting in Harford County in June to support Patriot Freedom Project and Cynthia Hughes. Louise promoted RWBC's continued letter writing campaign efforts and was fortunate enough to read aloud a response that a RWBC member received. Watch below! (If you would like to write letters, scroll to the bottom of this page.)

Louise also interviewed Cynthia Hughes one-on-one to discuss her new book, Due Process Denied: The Detained - The Families - The Fallout. Cynthia talks about the ways that Patriot Freedom Project helps the J6 families, particularly the children. They also discuss the fundraiser that was held at Donald Trump's Bedminster Golf Course in New Jersey. Watch below!

Lastly, Louise interviewed the brave owner of Harford Vineyard and Winery, Kevin Mooney, who hosts the We The People monthly meetings.

Letter Writing: There are very specific instructions in order to get mail in the hands of a prisoner. They are listed below. For addresses of prisoners, click here.

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