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RWBC Presents 2022 Primary Election “Anomalies” to Baltimore County Board of Elections

Following in Frederick County’s footsteps by questioning the results of the 2022 Maryland Primary results, Republican Women of Baltimore County (RWBC) presented election data anomalies to the Baltimore County Board of Elections Board (BC BOD) Meeting on Wednesday August 24.

RWBC is working closely with the Maryland Voter Integrity Group, a group formed several years ago to monitor statewide election integrity. One of the members is a data scientist who obtained the “cast voter rolls” data from the Maryland State Board of Elections through a FOIA request. Using the state’s own data, anomalies were discovered in the 2022 Primary Election. Notably was the number of votes added to the election roles after 1:00am simultaneously in both Baltimore County and Baltimore City. These numbers matched! The numbers added to the voter rolls, were the same for both Cox and Schultz. This cannot be a coincidence, a total of 4 separate inputs into the voter rolls for both candidates at the same time is not statistically possible. Soon afterwards, there was a removal of votes however dissimilar numbers were pulled from the voter rolls. (see below)

Many thanks to the BC BOD who took notice of the anomaly and are researching the data. RWBC has been tasked to provide screen shots and additional data to the board as soon as possible.

Our nation has been focusing on vetting the voting machines from Dominion, ES&S (Maryland machines) and others for almost 20 years. Evidence is mounting that these machines are inherently susceptible to fraud. A recent documentary titled (S)Election Code demonstrates cases where our machines use algorithms and pre-set “winners”. Have you ever asked yourself, how the heck did that person win the election? What we are revealing is possibly the answer to this lingering question.

Where does RWBC obtain its information? We are transparent in providing our resources and supporting information. A full list of documentaries, with hot links, RWBC press releases, back up data and all additional correspondence can be found at our website:

Keep posted to the RWBC blogs, Election Integrity webpage and Facebook for updates.

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