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The Republican Women of Baltimore County and the Patriot Club of America jointly released a press release requesting a full and complete audit of the upcoming general election November 2022. Canvassing efforts led to the findings of numerous voting anomalies of the 2020 Presidential Election by the Maryland Voter Integrity Group, the Republican Women of Baltimore County (RWBC) the Patriot Club of America (PCA). Jointly these groups implore the Baltimore County BOE for a prompt, full and COMPLETE audit of all Baltimore County precincts, ballot box deposited ballots and mail-in ballots. Complete is defined as with utilization of the most current/2022 Baltimore County voter rolls, most recent Census data and the full information of recently moved and deceased Baltimore County residents.

It is imperative that the existing Baltimore County voting rolls be updated by the removal of voters who are deceased, have moved to another county/state or have been inactive for two general elections. This maintenance process is required under federal and Maryland Law. Accurate and up-to-date voter rolls are vital to secure elections, and voters should have the opportunity to update their information. Accurate voter rolls ensure a smooth process at the polls and helps with costs as clean and up-to-date information gives the Baltimore County Board of Elections a better idea of how many ballots will be needed, staffing, etc.

The RWBC and PCA offer the following as a plan to verify previous requests and conduct the full and complete 2022 General Election Audit:

1. Verify that submitted Press Release dated March 9, 2022 titled: THE BALTIMORE COUNTY REPUBLICAN PARTY, THE PATRIOT CLUB OF AMERICA AND REPUBLICAN WOMEN of BALTIMORE COUNTY DEMAND VOTER ROLL CLEAN-UP has been honored and completed prior to the primary election of July 19, 2022 including:

a. Purged voters that do not reside in Baltimore County. *

b. Removed duplicate voters. *

c. Investigated households with between six to fifteen residents who voted from the same household. *

d. Investigated voters who have addresses at USPS, UPS, storage units and other questionable residences. *

e. Investigated voters who have more than one registration and those where the address does not easily accommodate the number of voters registered at that same address. As example 26 registrant aka ghost registrants in a 2-bedroom home. *

f. Compared, reconciled, and purged voters using deaths reported to SSA and the Baltimore County Register of Wills. *

g. Compared, reconciled, and purged voters using the county’s tax records and primary residences against county and state tax filings. *

h. Explain how provisional ballots were made a different size and color so they were handled separately and WERE NOT SCANNED with all ballots that were not provisional.

i. Confirm mail-in ballots were counted before in-person ballots. As well, all mail-in ballots were counted by precinct.

j. Confirm the use of paper ballots, restrict electronic voting machines for ADA requirements only.

k. What date will the results of the above actionable steps be announced to the authors of this Press Release?

2. Baltimore County Board of Elections is requested to promptly answer how the following will be performed for the November, 2022 audit**:

a. What will the audit procedures be in full detail?

b. When will the audit take place?

c. Where will the audit take place?

d. Who will lead the audit? How many of our volunteers will be needed and thus when required to be available?

e. Identify the sources of funding the BC BOE wil offer to support the audit.

f. Who will observe the audit? Representatives from what parties and others?

g. How does the audit work in practice? What improvements to current processes are needed?

h. What resources are needed to implement an election audit?

i. What will be the steps to achieve a hand-count*** of the November, 2022 General Election?

j. What kind of post-election tabulation audit should be used—traditional or risk-limiting***?

k. Who can access the paper ballots?

l. Who will audit returned voter identification cards for changes of addresses, deceased and duplicates resulting in voter roll cleanup and purged voter rolls?

* Supporting Baltimore County election data available upon request.

*** Glossary of Terms:

(Traditional) Audit, Page 9; Hand-Count, Page 47; Risk-Limiting Audit, Page 83;

RWBC and PCA request the Baltimore County Republican Central Committees and Democrat Central Committees to join in this effort to keep our Baltimore County elections beyond reproach for accuracy and every vote is counted as voted upon by each current and actively registered Baltimore County citizen.

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