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Republican Women of Baltimore County Celebrates April 2021 as the “Month of the Man”​

The Republican Women of Baltimore County will dedicate the month of April 2021 as the “Month of the Man”. We are looking forward to celebrating Men in several ways. Most importantly during our monthly meeting, taking place on April 17, 2021, all of our male Associate Members will receive special recognition by being officially introduced and asked to say a few words about how the leftist attack on manhood as made them feel and what they feel we as their supporters can assist them in navigating this unprecedented attack on manhood.

In addition, we will be presenting weekly articles on our website celebrating Men in all ways, as protectors, providers and as society’s contributors. Our highly active Facebook page will feature themes supporting our men and all their numerous contributions to our Country and to our society.

In addition, The Republican Women of Baltimore County has a YouTube Channel that will feature interviews of several of our male associate members. Our membership is excited to share its support for the “Month of the Man” as we find mainstream news outlets and woke culture warriors are unsupportive of half of our nation’s population!

You may be thinking, aren’t men cancelled? Here is the difference, as conservatives we do not advocate the separation people by class or race. However, because we follow science, we understand there is a difference between males and females. Therefore, we have decided to celebrate the men in our lives and society.

Come join us on Facebook, at our up-coming meeting and at our various movie nights. Male Associate Members, please come join us as we have special recognition planned for you on April 17,, 2021 meeting being held at the Delta Marriott Hotel located in Hunt Valley, Maryland.

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