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Open Letter to Maryland GOP Chairman Dirk Haire By RWBC Associate Member Barry Chodak

Dear Mr. Haire,

I’m just a member of the party who finds the actions of the Nominating Committee to be a sign of the failure of our Maryland party. What I’m about to ask for is a change of direction. Our country has changed. For the party to grow, we must also change. I’m proposing such a change, consistent with both the stated Republican Principles and the oath you’ve taken.

The Past

For as long as I can remember, registered Democrats in Maryland have outnumbered republicans. You and your predecessors have only been able to maintain a small degree of respectability. I describe your actions as “business as usual.” If nothing changes, you will be doing more of the same and getting the same results.

The Present

Let’s look at where we are today, focusing on the control of money, food, medicine and speech. Below is a short list of events along with some comments.

- Our Southern border continues to be a slush fund for NGO’s while we ignore the damage from the Cartels, Chinese fentanyl, and the human trafficking industry.

-The Afghanistan debacle is spreading our abandoned military hardware to bad people around the world while giving an infusion to our arms makers to replace the “lost” weapons.

-The proposed Student loan bailout, while currently floundering, is just icing on a cake that has been funneling billions to the institutions that are turning out the managerial class that is running our failing schools, our politically correct media, and our courts of unequal justice.

-Sending more than sixty billion dollars to Ukraine, one of the most corrupt countries and a favorite place to launder both money and arms, is an afront to our own who need support. Add to that the foolish embargo that fuels worldwide shortages. You and I had nothing to gain from this war. That Congress and the White House continue to support a border war tells us that some ones and some entities are profiting from it, even as people are suffering and dying on both sides.

-We are finding out that FTX crypto dollars were used to funnel large sums “invested” by Ukraine to a variety of democratic candidates along with various NGO’s. We may never find out the full extent of these transfers and the impacts.

-For years, the Fed has been making essentially free money available to large investors through Quantitative Easing. That program has funded the transfer of assets to the very rich while destroying US manufacturing.

-Emergency powers based on public health allowed lockdowns that favored large businesses. As small business suffered, we saw the greatest transfer of wealth in any two-year period.

- For decades we’ve seen consolidation in industry after industry. Banking was early to the game since it was an easy industry to control, i.e. either cooperate or no more approvals for expansion. Food is now controlled by 5 or 6 players. A small group of pharmaceutical companies now control both regulators and much of the media.

-Campaigns to limit what can be said are expanding. Through depositions, we are finding out that federal departments are already acting to suppress “misinformation” that contradicts the desired narrative.

- The number of IRS agents is being expanded by tens of thousands along with new rules for reporting transfer payments of a mere $600. That doesn’t sound like “target the rich.”

-The FDA is targeting an Amish farmer for following traditional but non-approved practices. They are taking these actions despite not a single customer of the farmer complaining of being injured.

-Either a digital currency monitoring system or a medical passport will end privacy as we knew it.

-Climate controls are destroying the energy sector and our economy in the process. Can you imagine a country without diesel powered trucks? Yet the scam continues.

-More than 30% of small businesses were not able to pay November rent, including nearly half of restaurants. Last year, more than 15% of individual renters were behind in their rent.

The above items have already generated a long list of casualties, a list that is growing every day.

And I haven’t even mentioned elections!

From this I can support two conclusions:

1. This is not business as usual; and

2. When you see so many casualties around you, it’s time to conclude that, like it or not, you are in a battlefield.

The Future

For the Maryland GOP to be playing pattycake with regulations for the upcoming election of officers while a battle is raging for the America we love, is an indication that you and the Nominating Committee have not been living into the same reality that I am. I respectfully suggest it is time for you and the committee to reassess the way the world is occurring for you and take on actions consistent with what you see.

The old party labels do tell us the one distinction that is significant here:

The Democratic Party is a top-down party. The leadership cannot be voted out. They are in full control.

The Republican Party was and is organized from the bottom up. The leadership and direction of the party are determined by votes of those at the bottom: voters select the county committees, who elect the state party leaders, who elect the national officers. The only reason I am a registered Republican is that I have a voice in this.

I’m inviting you to join me and others who have taken on sounding the alarm, a wakeup call to every Marylander. I’m inviting us as a party to take on this new reality. Business as usual won’t cut it. As the WEF has predicted, by 2030 you will own nothing and be happy.

From what’s happening around the country, a populist take over is driving more people to register as Republicans. There are still many Republicans who do not support this movement. What should be clear by now (and still isn’t or I would not be writing to you) is that the only path that supports a Constitutional Republic is the full and complete transition of the party to a populist agenda. And it’s the only path that can shift voters from the worn-out two-party collusion to a vibrant and integrous political movement that champions liberty and the Rights embedded in our Constitution. And you’ve already taken an oath to do just this.

We’ve been following an agenda that is no longer appropriate to a battlefield. If that continues, the country’s future can only be an oligarchy on steroids or a civil war, and I’m not advocating taking up arms. We have the tools to win the day. What’s been lacking is the will to do so.

Respectfully…Barry Chodak

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