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Maryland Citizens Gather to Protest Medical Mandates

Maryland citizens from all parties, Democratic, Republican and Libertarian joined together Monday evening May 10 in Ellicott City to discuss Medical Choice versus Medical Mandate. The meeting was initiated by the parents whose children attend one of the many Maryland University Schools. A recent rule by the Maryland Board of Regents to mandate COVID shots before returning to campus has many parents concerned.

Others joined the meeting, to discuss action items to STOP MEDICAL MANDATES generally. One grandfather said his grandson’s kindergarten celebration (held outside), mandated that all adult attendees show proof of COVID shot!

Keynote speaker Delegate Lauren Arikan (District 7) highly recommended Marylanders take the following action steps:

1) Call/Email the Maryland Board of Regents:

2) Call/Email all Maryland State Delegates:

Talking points:

A. Medical autonomy, my body, my choice;

B. MD universities are not private property- they are taxpayer supported, our tax money is

being used to discriminate against MD residents who do not vaccinate. It is questionable whether Maryland Universities are shielded from lawsuits from vaccine injuries to students or staff. However, you can guarantee LAWSUITS WILL ENSUE.

C. Covid shots are experimental and require NONCOERCED, informed consent. Thereby depriving someone access to campus is coercive

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