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Let’s Play – Who Do You Trust?

By Barry Chodak, RWBC Associate Member

From the surveys I did a year ago with two Republican clubs, the top concerns were:


Election Integrity

Public Safety and Crime


Inflation and the Dollar

Government Spending




Working from these categories, it appears that what Republicans want is a country led by someone who:

-is popularly elected and clearly enjoys a favorable rating by a majority of voters;

-maintains law and order;

-controls immigration;

-maintains a sound money policy;

-maintains a balanced budget with low national debt;

-does not allow wokeness in our schools;

-keeps taxes at an affordable level;

From the current conversation, I can add patriotic and loves his country.


Let’s see how this list holds up to what is happening today. Does the current administration fit this profile? Is there anyone in the world who does?


I’ve identified one and only one world leader who meets all these criteria. That leader continues to maintain a favorable rating from a majority of his people, staying above 60% for the last several years.


When I tell you who that person is, you may react with “that can’t be true!” It goes against everything you’ve been taught. For years our trusted media and the top academics have been castigating this leader. They’ve also been telling you that the border is secure, our elections are secure, inflation will be transient, the vaccine is safe and effective, J6 was an insurrection, and Donald Trump is Satan.

The answer is…Vladimir Putin


Yes, the evil dictator whose army has taken two years to capture a slice of Eastern Ukraine, but is plotting to take over all of Europe! That’s a threat level on par with a rag-tag collection of flag waving, MAGA hat wearing Anthem singers armed with blankets and a hidden thermos or two, physically taking control of Congress and installing their choice for President.


Perhaps when Tucker’s interview with the Russian President comes out, we’ll get a clearer look at the person we’ve been told to hate and begin to see the cost of being suckered into giving up so much of our precious freedoms in exchange for the guidance and protection of our wise and benevolent elites.


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