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Jay Walton - Candidate for Delegate Airs on TV Free Baltimore

Jay Walton for Delegate campaign slogan, “A voice for the voiceless” is not only a pro-life message. There are many citizens in Baltimore County who feel like the incumbent Delegate does not accurately reflect their voice in Annapolis. I am here to tell you that you DO have a voice and I will make sure it is heard in Annapolis!

As an educator at both the K-12 and college level, I have watched our schools and institutions crumble slowly over time. Students in Maryland are being taught that America is a racist country. As your delegate, I will oppose and be outspoken against Critical Race Theory. My message to the teachers unions and school leaders is the same as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s message: “Teach our children to judge a person not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

The airing of this Premier Event was coordinated by the Republican Women of Baltimore County (RWBC) making sure Republican Candidates have a voice in this upcoming election. Interviewer Louise Baker is on the Executive Committee for RWBC and is active in recruiting candidates for interviews similar to this format. We are pleased to provide a platform for the future of Baltimore County, getting the word out for qualified candidates.

Watch the full interview here:

If you catch the interview live, 6:30PM on Thursday evening February 3rd, you will have a chance to leave comments on the stream.

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