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Is the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Ballot Harvesting?

Letter to the Editor Delmarva Courier by Susan Ostrowski, Berlin, MD

I participated in the four hour Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) virtual public meeting Monday evening October 30, 2023 and it was obvious to me that BOEM engaged in a style of “ballot harvesting” of its pro-wind supporters. For every 10 pro-wind comments, we had two anti-wind comments. I am convinced BOEM planned it this way for its online format by urging their uninformed “voters” to speak. They are using fear to silence us into submission. It’s their plan.

Most of the opinionated PRO-WIND comments came from outside of Worcester County. The pro-wind comments included:

“Hooray, the turbines are no longer on land and moved to sea where they will be barely visible.”

“We will save money going clean”. (It is costlier.)

“This will create jobs and marine life will not be drastically harmed”. (Divers and welders are temporary jobs and as we know, marine life is already being impacted in a highly negative manner.)

“We have storm water pollution, dirty air; Earth shows love and we must take care of her.”

“Our sea levels are rising and we need clean energy to combat it. People don’t want them because they’re ugly.”

“My 4 kids know climate change is serious and are scared of where our Earth is headed. We do not have time to wait. My Green Team at church wants to protect our Earth and planet.”

“Urgent. Our planet is going underwater. 3% is gone. Birds will not fly into the turbine blades, they know to fly above or below the turbines. Window strikes are the #1 cause of bird deaths”.

“This is Putin’s fault. Once we get foreign intervention out of the way, we can control our own.” (Who wants to tell him that Orsted is a Danish foreign energy company and U.S. Wind is Italian?)

And my personal favorite:

“My nasal allergies need clean energy. Turbines are cleaner.”

The ANTI-WIND comments included:

“This is the largest wind farm ever erected. They will hurt our small businesses in economy and tourism.”

“Plans keep changing. Megawatts changed. 55% of Ocean City renters won’t return when these turbines are built unless a $1000 decrease in weekly rental is offered. Too much negative impact on Ocean City. The researched data is in front of our face.”

“White Marlin Open will end as the number of entrants cannot amass in the ocean simultaneously and adjacent to the 114 turbines.”

“Bait and switch. We started at 24 turbines each 200 feet tall, is now 114 turbines 950 feet tall buried 100 feet below ocean floor. Each 1 mile apart.”

“A mandated speed of 10 knots at a designated parameter will be instituted. A commercial boat with 4 engines wanting to get 15 miles out to sea will take 1 ½ hours to reach its destination”. This will destroy the commercial fishing industry.

“A 146% increase in whale deaths has been seen since Dec. 2022. Immediate necropsies have shown the inner ears have been damaged, most likely due to the debilitating Havana Syndrome where sonar weapons were used to disorient our diplomats abroad. Harbor porpoises and beaked whales have recently died, most likely due to disorientation causing decompression sickness and death.”

A Cape May, NJ economist testified that regulating CO2 is an environmental wrecking ball costing each taxpayer $6,000 over 10 years. Energy must deliver the biggest environmental benefit at the lowest possible cost. The anti-wind speakers had statistics, facts and data. The pro-wind speakers had feelings, wishes and dreams.

This project is expensive, not cost effective, environmentally damaging and regulated by Danish foreign energy.

And last night BOEM ballot harvested.

While Orsted is aborting their plans for NJ, Gov. Phil Murphy is forging forward.:

Trump needs to win 2024 to end this destruction of America and her oceans.

RWBC encourages you to submit comments to BOEM Click on the comment button, enter the information and click "Submit". Please do so, takes only a few minutes. Comment period closes November 20, 2023.

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