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Is California’s Disastrous Energy Policy Coming to Maryland?

Presentation by Dr. Joseph Arminio – Founder Coalition for America’s Resurgence

On January 9th, the Republican Women of Baltimore County hosted three panelists for the topic “Is Maryland the Next California?” Each panelist covered a separate topic, Energy, Economy and Education. Dr. Joseph Arminio discussed Energy as it relates to California Climate Change policies. Dr. Arminio believes Maryland is next in line to implement energy policies that will ultimately destroy our state.

Dr. Arminio points out that the World Economic Forum (WEF) is waging a war against America. Their mission is to pass state and federal legislation to achieve goals by 2030. The items listed below are certainly familiar to all of us, the Globalists are specifically targeting the following:

Economic Depression

Social Credit Scoring

Digital Currency

Permanent Poverty

Global Health Dominance (World Wide Vaccine Passport)

Total Thought Control

“What Klaus Schwab has to say about the influence of the WEF among government and UN elites, should be taken very seriously. For instance, anyone can see how the governments of the world and the UN’s World Health Organization acted more or less in unison in the face of the covid outbreak of 2020.” Credit:

How do we defeat the Globalists? By submitting legislation to insist we enforce the Nuremberg Code and legislation to rid ourselves of the Climate Change Agenda. (Audience applauded these two items!)

Step one, establish a Maryland General Assembly account. This is easy to do and once set up, emails will be automatically sent alerting you of any progress on the bill (including to testify). Register here: OR watch the first 15 minutes of this step by step video

Read Dr. Arminio’s ACTION pages, use the passcode: macgeorge44

Watch Dr. Arminio’s full presentation, start at 22 minutes:

Dr. Joseph Arminio received has bachelors’ degree in political science from Johns Hopkins University and his doctorate in national defense policy and international relations from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is the founder of Coalition for America's Resurgence a populist, authentic conservative think tank. Joseph is passionate about the full potential of America’s energy independence.

Dr. Joseph Arminio with RWBC January 2023 "Is Maryland the Next California?"

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