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GOOD NEWS: HB119 is still in Committee, let’s keep it there!

HB119 Description: "Requiring each county board of education to follow the policy and guidelines for program instruction for public schools established by the State Board of Education; requiring the Superintendent to notify a county board if it is determined that the county board is not following every element of the policy and guidelines; authorizing the Superintendent to withhold 10% of the funds budgeted for the county board if the board fails to resolve any discrepancy identified by the Superintendent within 30 days; etc."

This is a tyrannical seizure of power to determine all curriculum for every school child in Maryland. The citizens and local school boards will have no voice if this bill is passed.

RWBC opposes HB119 because: · It removes any flexibility for county boards of education to mold the curriculum to reflect local needs and values. · It grants dictatorial power to the State Superintendent of Schools · It allows the MDSE to financially penalizes county boards of education by withholding up to 20% of state funding for failing to adopt “state policy and guidelines” for EVERY element of instruction or for allowing ANY student to opt out of instruction in a manner not approved by the State Board. Implementation of HB 119 would eliminate local input by prohibiting any opposition or deviation from State Board policy or mandates, effectively silencing parents. Voice your OPPOSITION TO HB119 410-841-3661 Toll-free in MD: 1-800-492-7122 ext. 3661

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