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Folks, It Didn’t Start with College

By Carol Frazier

We’ve all seen the news coverage of the pro-Hamas/anti-Israel protests on college campuses and in major cities around the country.  Well, if you watch the “right” media and pay attention to certain news websites you’ve seen it.  If not, maybe you’re blissfully unaware that, less than 80 years after the end of World War II, antisemitism has raised its ugly head here in America. 


I find it highly doubtful that your normal high school student goes off to college and within a few months becomes a raging antisemite calling for the destruction of the “apartheid” Jewish state and the elimination of Jews everywhere. 


How did we get to the place in which the presidents of three of our finest, “elite” institutions of “higher learning”, have to say, in Congressional testimony, that whether or not marching for the destruction of the Jewish state and calling for the death of Jews is only “harassment” based on “context”.  What “context” would apply here?  Were the same students calling for the death of all Muslims, would “context” be required to find this evil and a violation of university policy?


How did we get to the place in which not one of our feminist, left wing, Democrat-allied  women’s rights organizations can bring itself to criticize and condemn the horrific rapes by Hamas terrorists of Jewish women - rapes so brutal that, in some cases, their pelvises were broken?  You know, the women’s rights organizations whose leaders most likely majored in “women’s studies” at these and other “elite” institutions?


As I stated in my opening, this didn’t start in college.  I believe that what we see happening in our country since October 7th is a result of the indoctrination of American students for the last three to four decades through Critical Race Theory, which has been slipped into school curriculums unbeknownst to most parents. So, students were indoctrinated and well-prepared for the full-on hardcore “CRT” they get in college.  At its base, CRT teaches that all white people are racists who must apologize to “people of color” for their “privilege.”  Somehow, all Jews have been deemed “white”, which would really surprise my friend Miriam.


I believe the proof of my contention is contained in a survey from 2020 wherein “almost two-thirds of young American adults do not know that 6 million Jews were killed during the Holocaust, and more than one in 10 believe Jews caused the Holocaust”.  (My note: just as the Palestinians of today and a lot of American Democrats are blaming the Jews for the horrific, barbaric October 7, 2023 terror attack in Israel that murdered over 1,200 Jews including babies).  In addition, “almost a quarter of the respondents said they believed the Holocaust was a myth, or had been exaggerated, or they weren’t sure. One in eight said they had definitely not heard, or didn’t think they had heard, about the Holocaust”.  See The Guardian, September 16, 2020.


Just so you know, the people surveyed were 18 - 39 years old.


I truly believe that our schools here in Worcester County have been mostly free from this indoctrination because I know many teachers, many of the administrators and several of the school board members and I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they would never knowingly allow it.  But I believe it is more than obvious that in many parts of America, including Maryland, this has been going on for decades. 


The fact that we know this now and can combat it, is the one thing for which we can thank COVID.

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