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Dan Cox Stands for Freedom – Maryland Gubernatorial Candidate Interview

TV Free Baltimore Maryland Politics Series interviewed Maryland Delegate Dan Cox Candidate for Governor with interviewer Beth Lawson.

State Delegate Dan Cox is running to restore freedom to the Free State. In this brief video he shares his personal history, and vision to advance freedom in Maryland, after years of heavy-handed executive orders, political attacks on our children, and violence in the street.

“As your Governor, I will propose a contract to Restore Freedom to the Free State, bold leadership is needed to protect lives and livelihoods.”

From defending our Second Amendment and supporting the Thin Blue Line, to attacking crime and human trafficking by passing sweeping legislation to hold dangerous criminals accountable with stiff jail terms, to opposing the lock-downs and draconian Executive Orders destroying businesses while illegally limiting safe and inexpensive healthcare remedies to the most vulnerable, Dan Cox has and is fighting for the rule of law in our State Government as an elected member of the House of Delegates.

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