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Cory Koons - Baltimore County Public School Board Candidate District 1

Cory Koons is running for the Baltimore County Public School Board in District 1. Watch Mr. Koons at Paradise Community Association Candidate Forum on September 19 in Catonsville, MD.

Mr. Koons moved from Pennsylvania to Maryland after college 20 years ago. He has one child in middle school and one in elementary school and is a small business owner in the District 1 Community and is heavily involved in area youth sports. Mr. Koons is not a politician however he feels compelled to fix the current school situation. He would like a better environment for all of our children, and he believes that the time to get involved is now. He is a parent who wants to be involved and help make the choices to give our children and the teachers successful and safe schools where everyone benefits.

Key school board candidacy topics include:

Safety and Security at School

Rebuilding Post Covid

Parent Involvement

Vote for Cory Koons Baltimore County Public Schools District 1 on November 8

Find out more about Cory Koons at

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