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Clothing Stores - Why Many Have Filed for Bankruptcy

Are you turned off by inappropriate clothing choices at malls?

By Heather Elizabeth Pielke, Member of the Republican Women of Baltimore County (RWBC)

Fashion in America, what did it look like historically? Wholesome, elegant for the rich, the middle class historically had at least wholesomeness and at least some or more formality than they did after the 1950s depending on the occasion. What both the upper and middle class historically wore in the United States, are considered by many stores as luxury products today, or at least that is what they are trying to falsely imply with their pricing history, starting mostly after the conservative 1950s era in the United States. In addition, many so called luxury fashions are not so wholesome today. What about the poor historically? They wore humble wholesome clothing. Today are the poor able or willing to purchase and wear humble, wholesome clothing? To be more specific, what I mean by wholesome clothing is modest, reasonable high necklines and modest lengths of skirts, dresses, or pants for women. For men, as well as women, also clothes that are wholesome should have clean lines and styles that represent clean, law-abiding behavior and are appropriate for representing the dress code in the workplace, at social gatherings, as well casual clothing that meets those criterions for at home comfort or sportswear. A fashion trend that I did not like was the concept called “Shabby Chic,” which clothing looks slightly worn to represent the welcoming of partially degraded fashion as a symbol of the wearers of this fashion trend, implying that they do not mind being around people who are not necessarily a healthy influence on society or business based on the merit system, but whom should allegedly receive undo benefits like money from jobs they do not deserve and social inclusion they want but do not deserve, as a type of charity, even if businesses and social groups do not function as well in the United States by giving those people undo favor that does not make sense. That having been said, people whom private charities can assist or the government can afford to assist should receive due consideration. Or the less qualified should simply accept an appropriate job given their talents and training or education, as has been tradition in the United States before the 1960s hippie movement. So, the concept of “Shabby Chic” is part of the greater concept of store selling clothes starting in the 1960s during the hippie movement in which people were encouraged to part with functionality and behave and dress in less formal or clean aesthetically designed clothing as some sort of benevolent act of charity, even though the result would be a less functional United States. Many hippies realized this after the 1960s and left the hippie movement behind, applied for jobs working at corporations or small privately owned companies, and many embraced either Republican Capitalism, or a more liberal form or capitalism for the sake of healthy behavior at what it takes based on merit for businesses to function, meaning real work, real job training, and real job skills assessments for functional employment. What have United States citizens decided overall, rather than go to a shopping mall to any store, let alone a department store? As almost every medium to large shopping mall is facing bankruptcy, United States citizens prefer online shopping and small local stores, rightfully so not just for convenience, but shopping safety too, as crime has risen in most shopping malls. Let us also address good taste, quality fabrics, and cleaner dressing than many shopping malls' stores, including in department stores for prices and outfits the United States overall historically had previously had the chance to purchase for lesser prices. So, what set the United States free from the imposition of carefully hidden illegitimate pricing, replaced with the freedom to have better pricing for wholesome clothes? It was indeed the capitalist, free market, well governed nature of the Internet. Now we can buy designer direct, both from old and new designers. We are no longer the victims overall of an oddly degraded presentation of fashion since the 1960s and over pricing that started occurring after the conservative 1950s era, during and prior to which the United States had previously been able to purchase the kind of quality that most United States citizens formerly had and increasingly have again! Alleluia, many Republican virtues, even some Democratic run online clothing stores can appreciate, as part of the undeniable success of their current internet and smaller in person store shopping! Help keep capitalism and wholesome values and options alive in the United States, including in the clothing industry! Vote Republican!

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